This is Where I Live IMG_2058 -My Art is one of my favorite homes. When I begin to work on a piece it is a homecoming. This piece is a collage of bits and pieces from years of stash building and experimenting.  Much of my work is  a “home” for all of the bits and pieces that accumulate but for some reason, even 20 years later have some special magnetism that calls out.  The Three round flowers by the house are handmade paper work that I did in a class at Rugg Road in the late 80’s. This piece is still in progress, not quite finished, but I love to share.  It incorporates some of my favorite techniques: felting machine work, appliqué, photo printing on cotton and organza, hand and machine embroidery including free motion work. There is also a real leaf in the far left. My work always is wabi sabi….It is more important to me that it exists than that it be perfect. I work hard at what I do, but I do not usually measure…I intuit.  The off kilter aspect of things is my perception. The full canvas of more and more flowers, materials, butterflies, birds, bugs, textures are what it is like Where I Live.Combining photography and its realism to the wackier clutter of bold color and fantasy shapes has a cartoon quality to it, a fairytale aspect that is Where I Live. Welcome!